A number of select players and cheerleaders will be selected from this year’s events to participate in the California vs.  Florida, Sweden Youth Shrine Bowl in Orlando Florida in December.  Being selected for this team, demonstrates your community involvement, as well as your abilities as an elite athlete in your league.  

The participants  are from teams and cheerleading squads all over the region.  Teams will practice for 5 days prior to your scheduled game.  Practice times and locations are TBD.  If your present teams are still participating in your leagues events, you will be excused from all youth Shrine Bowl activities, until your team  commitment is completed.  

This event is a community service project for you, SYF, and your local Shrine Center.  Each participant must complete their portion of the community service project to participate in the Youth Shrine Bowl activities.  While doing so, promote the philanthropy activities of Shriner’s in their community, and what they do to promote our local Shrine Hospitals and patients.  

Participants who meet the challenge and complete their community service project, will receive a 40 hr community service letter from the Youth Shrine Bowl Committee, and then be qualified to purchase their Youth Shrine bowl ring or pendant.  

The top overall fundraiser in the community service project will be guaranteed the following.  1. Be guaranteed a roster spot on all teams participating in Florida.  2. Be named a team captain for all events and pre game activities.  3.  Receive, free of charge their Shrine Bowl ring or pendant.  And more!!!!

With the help of many youth athletes and their families, we have been able to raise needed funds to support our youth football programs, as well as the two listed Shrine Centers.   All donations are to be made out to SYF, Charitable Tax I.D #26-4438740.  This event benefits SYF, the Bahia and Ben Ali Shrine Temples respectively.  


Jay Erhart

Youth Shrine Bowl Director

5045 College Oaks Dr Ste E

Sacramento Ca, 95841



Zach Corbitt, Erik Johnson, Aidan Edwards, Ethan Menezes, and Carter King

Kenzie Maguire, Emma Corey, Julianna D'Agustino, Courtney McPeak, Kate Rodgers



Evan DePetrillo, Ryan Tung, Sydney Kagel, Josh Morris, Emma Galovich

Brenna DeKreek, Jaxson Hansen, Mady Noguchi, and Donovan Cokley